IT Outsourcing / Nearshoring

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IT Outsourcing / Nearshoring

IT Resource outsourcing

You already have a team and need more resources

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When you have a running project and you need to increase your development team capacity, this service is a perfect fit for you. You can increase your team capacity both in short and long term option. Just let us know what kind of IT specialist you are missing and we will select a candidate that fits your desired profile.


Delivery Manager

Your own free of charge project concierge

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Whenever you order either a single resource or a whole team we always assign a Delivery Manager to you which acts as your personal concierge. Delivery Manager's responsibility is to address all your needs related to IT project we are working on for you. Starting from measuring your satisfaction to optimizing the process of project delivery. Delivery Manager services are completely free of charge


Candidate Selection

How to find the best IT professionals for your project

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It might not always be so obvious which candidate setup works best for which project. It always depend on current project stage, technology stack, collaboration with other team members, working time zone, deadlines, maitenance vs new feature development ratio and many others. That is why in order to provide you the most suitable IT resources which guarantee development performance and cost efficiency at the beginning we are focusing to fully understand your needs and business goals. Based on such input  we propose not only a candidate but an outsourcing strategy which is very crutial especially when more IT resources are required.


Team leasing

You need a team for your next digital product

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You need a team of IT professionals that know each other and know how to work together in order to deliver IT project in an effective way. Use our team leasing service that allows you to select the whole team of IT experts from the wide range of software developers, testers, UX/UI designers, business analists, project managers and devops.  


Outsourcing Warranty

Reduce the risk of your IT project investment

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It is not up to us to determine whether we are providing high quality products and services. We believe we are pretty good but it is always up to you to decide. You can always check your potential future partner reviews on clutch or see testimonials from its clients however in the end you are the one that risk the most. That is why we want to help you make the right choice by helping you to reduce the risk and provide you a set of warranties.

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